Operation Santa Bag

Welcome to our blog!

"Operation Santa Bag" is designed to spread cheer to our troops deployed overseas during the Holidays. My sister Cathy and I decided to start this project when my son was deployed to Iraq in 2007, we want our troops to know that they are not forgotten! We love our soldiers! Last year we celebrated our fourth year adopting a group, the past two years we have adopted a group from Camp Lejeune North Carolina....The care package this past year exceeded all other years! We had so many people wanting to donate not only with items to send but helped with shipping expenses, phone cards and so much more! The response from the group we adopted was awesome! They truly appreciated what we offered.

Our goal for this blog is to encouage people to continue showing support for our troops no matter where they are, and should your neighbor be part of a military family let them know how much you appreciate them for their committent to keeping us safe and for giving us the freedom we take for granted everyday!

It's getting close to the time when we start preparing for this years project, who will we adopt? We don't know yet, but this does not matter we will begin making homemade Christmas cards in June, Cathy & I will be talking nearly everyday until we meet in NY over Thanksgiving. This has become our tradition! we work deligently for about 5 months to prepare our packages! I will drive to NY and Operation Santa Bag will take over her house for almost a week! We have so much fun doing this! We celebrate Thanksgiving every year by being so Thankful for our wonderful HEROE'S

If you would like to help this year please contact us we Welcome the help!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Operation Santa Bags is in full swing!
 I went to "Any Soldier.com and selected a couple of groups this year.  Typically they only have a handful of troops to help out, but I'm sure there's more to that than we think. these individuals are base out of NC, so more than likely, Camp Lejune, New River Air Station, Cherry Point, Ft. Bragg; that tells me that these brave soldier's are from our community.   So I am reaching out to those individuals to see what we can do to send them a little package of LOVE.  We have a sweet individual that donated fabric for the Santa Bags, yes, we sew these our selves. Thank you Ms. Sharon! and one of our loyal supporters has hand knitted hats to go under their helmets (We thank you Ms. Cecelia).  We are very blessed to have this kind of support.  Our local dentist has donated toothpaste, tooth brushes, and dental floss.  Thank You to Dr.& Mrs Michael Levine.

We need your HELP!

Your asking how, this is what you or your group can do to help!

We need funds for shipping.  Last year we spent over $ 350.00 on shipping.  We reached out to 135 troops, That was awesome!  The joy of knowing they all appreciate all that we offered!

We need these thing for this years project!

We just received a special request for warm gloves, one of our contacts say they are really needing these because where they are is getting extremely cold.  If you can help with this they would really appreciate it more than you know. We are needing approximately 75 pairs, and if we can get 10-15 folks that will commit to purchasing these we would have enough for everyone.

Hot Chocolate (lots of it)
Individual packets of Gatorade (lots of it)
Hand Warmers enough for 2-3 sets in each Santa bag
Candies such as: skittles, jolly ranchers, tootsie rolls, fire balls, peanuts, starlight peppermints, beef jerky or slim jims are a big hit!. etc
Candy Canes
toiletries such as shampoo, lotion, sanitizers, body wash, conditioners. sun screen, chap sticks, baby wipes, individual packs of tissues
games, footballs, playing cards
letter from school children thanking them for their service.
Christmas Trees preferably 4ft or under, and I say trees because there will be more than 1 group to reach out too this year.
Sports magazines, health magazines or just some good reading material.


  1. I met two of you ladies in Harris Teeter this past week. I work at the customer service desk. I would like to donate. How do I get items to you guys?

  2. Hayley Thank you so much, you can contact me at 910-470-1297 I work in Ogden at Ogden Family Chiropractic If you give me a call Id be happy to meet you. Again on behalf of our troops and Operation Santa Bag We thank you so much.