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"Operation Santa Bag" is designed to spread cheer to our troops deployed overseas during the Holidays. My sister Cathy and I decided to start this project when my son was deployed to Iraq in 2007, we want our troops to know that they are not forgotten! We love our soldiers! Last year we celebrated our fourth year adopting a group, the past two years we have adopted a group from Camp Lejeune North Carolina....The care package this past year exceeded all other years! We had so many people wanting to donate not only with items to send but helped with shipping expenses, phone cards and so much more! The response from the group we adopted was awesome! They truly appreciated what we offered.

Our goal for this blog is to encouage people to continue showing support for our troops no matter where they are, and should your neighbor be part of a military family let them know how much you appreciate them for their committent to keeping us safe and for giving us the freedom we take for granted everyday!

It's getting close to the time when we start preparing for this years project, who will we adopt? We don't know yet, but this does not matter we will begin making homemade Christmas cards in June, Cathy & I will be talking nearly everyday until we meet in NY over Thanksgiving. This has become our tradition! we work deligently for about 5 months to prepare our packages! I will drive to NY and Operation Santa Bag will take over her house for almost a week! We have so much fun doing this! We celebrate Thanksgiving every year by being so Thankful for our wonderful HEROE'S

If you would like to help this year please contact us we Welcome the help!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013

Well Operation Santa Bag followers, here's another update.  Team Operation Santa Bag meets again today to finish the Christmas Cards that we have left to do,  Every year "God" really Blesses this project.  Just when I think I'm not going to have all the help I need, "He" sends them my way. I don't even need to look, they find me. All I can say is "WOW!"

To update everyone on things that we are still needing $ for shipping, I am still waiting on a couple of donations to come in. Once I receive those funds I will have a better idea on how much more we will need.  I would love to get some notes from children or adults , these little things mean a whole lot to our troops just to let them know that the children even as young as they are understand their sacrifices and love them for it.

One of my very dedicated helpers said something yesterday that put things in perspective and here's my thought she said, "Isn't it great what we can check off another item off of our  "things needed/things to get list" instead of thinking about all  that we have left to do.  So just to give you an idea of what we have accomplished to date, I am checking these things off.  Ms. Bunny, I love you more than you know.

Things completed to date:
All Santa Bags are sewn  (85)                                      
Toiletries received/separated & bagged 
We will have (85) Home Made Christmas Cards  Completed today                                          
Powdered drink mix                                    Hard Candies w/ more to come
Hot Chocolate                                             Our State Magazine 
Slim Jims                                                    $ 100.00 for Shipping (so far)                              
Peanuts                                                        Party Mix (2) containers 1 for each group
Hat's Hand Knitted                                      (2) Prelite Christmas trees       
Hand Warmers w/ more to come                Hand made Christmas Ornaments
Playing Cards (coming)                             
Fruit roll up's
Tooth Paste, Tooth Brushes/Dental Floss

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